Pocatello Pedal Fest Enduro

June 11, 2017

The Idaho Enduro Series has teamed up with the Pocatello Pedal Fest to bring racers something brand, spankin’ new in 2017.

The Pocatello Pedal Fest Enduro will plunge racers into some of the best mountain biking that Southeastern Idaho has to offer. Racers will test their mettle as they are faced race stages of over 10 minutes, 26 total miles on the bike, 3900ft of climbing, and a massive 4800ft of descending. The Pocatello Pedal Fest Enduro will be a HUGE adventure on the bike.

Beginners/Junior racers will racing a slightly modified course, but should prove to be equally as awesome. Those brave souls who choose take on this epic challenge will be met with glory and bragging rights as the Pocatello Pedal Fest will be a true “East versus West” showdown. Do you have what it takes?

The PPF Enduro is stop #2 of the 4 race IES 2017 series. Bonus points also available at the NAEC, June 24-25.


Scout Mountain Campground (FS campground), or up South Fork Mink Creek Road for dispersed camping. There are dispersed spots on the right hand side of this road about 10 minutes in (just passed where windago comes out). Other options are the KOA on Pocatello Creek or local hotels.


Gibson Jack Trailhead
9812 Gibson Jack Rd, Pocatello, ID 83204

Parking is limited. Please carpool and be respectful of local residents.



Beginners/Juniors ride stages #1,#2,#4
The course will be flagged June 10, 2017

Riders will be shuttled from the Gibson Jack Trailhead to Scout Mountain Campground to start the race. Private shuttles are prohibited.


Field Limited
Registration closes 6/7 at 11pm

Pro/Expert/Sport – $75 (until 6/7, $95 day of)
Beginner – $65 (until 6/7, $85 day of)
Juniors – $35 (until 6/7, $55 day of)

The IES refund policy is in place with a grace period up to 30 days prior to any given race day. When we go inside 30 days the majority of your registration fee has gone towards non-refundable expenses incurred for the race (permits, fees, deposits for food, porta-potties, etc).

1. If a participant has to withdraw from the race, 50% of the registration fee will be reimbursed up to one month from race date. No refunds will be given within one month from race date.
2. No registration transfers to other racers are allowed.
If the event has to be cancelled due to conditions beyond the organizer’s control (storm, flooding, etc.) the portion of your entry will be refunded.

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Pro Male
Pro Female
Expert Male (18 to 34)
Expert Master Male (35 to 49)
Expert Female
Expert Junior (15-17)
Sport Male (18 to 34)
Sport Master Male (35 to 49)
Sport Female
Veteran Female (40+)
Super Veteran Male (50+)
Beginner Male
Beginner Female
Noncompetitive (time given but not posted)
Junior Male (13-17)
Junior Female (13-17)

Pro – Extremely confident at jumping, drops, cornering and technical rock or trail features. Can ride every part of any given trail with out hesitation. Can ride everything in the Boise/McCall area at full speed. Able to complete a 30+ mile trail ride. Has lots of racing experience in different types of mountain biking.

Expert – Able to do most jumps, drops and is pretty good at cornering. Can ride most technical rock or trail features but not all. Can ride most parts of any given trail but sometimes has to take the alternate line. Able to complete a 20+ mile trail ride. Races several times a year.

Sport – Can do smaller jumps and drops and feels comfortable at cornering. Can ride most trails but sometimes hesitates on technical features or sometimes walks/rides around a feature. Able to complete a 20 mile trail ride. Has raced a few times.

Beginner – Mountain biking is still a relatively new sport. Not comfortable at jumping, drops and is still learning how to corner properly. Not comfortable with really technical terrain. Can ride most novice trails but stays away from the really technical trails. Anything over 10-15 miles is a big day on the bike. New to racing or raced once before.

Juniors – Rider ability and level varies. Class consists of beginner to sport level riders. You can have very fast kids or slow kids racing the junior class.

Female riders with questions should contact our Dirt Dolls representative, Tesh Denton at tesh.denton@hotmail.com.

Day Of Race

Please note that you should be on site at least 30 minutes before your scheduled shuttle time.

There will be four shuttles to get riders to the first transfer
• 1st Shuttle-Beginner and Juniors
• 2nd Shuttle-Pros
• 3rd Shuttle-Expert
• 4th Shuttle-Sport

Schedule: Note all times are approximate please be at the starting area 30 minutes prior to the shuttle load times for your category listed below
• 8am – Registration Starts
• 8:30am – Racer Meeting for Beginners, Juniors and Pros (MANDATORY)
• 8:45am- Loading of 1st shuttle: Beginner, Junior
• 9:00am – 1st Shuttle leaves Gibson Jack Parking Lot
• 9:25am – Loading of 2nd shuttle: Pros
• 9:30am – Beginners and Juniors start their first transfer
• 9:40am – 2nd shuttle leaves Gibson Jack Parking Lot
• 10:05am – Racer meeting for Expert and Sport (MANDATORY)
• 10:10am – Pros start their first transfer
• 10:25am- Loading of 3rd shuttle: Expert
• 10:40am – 3rd shuttle leaves Gibson Jack Parking Lot
• 10:55am – Loading of 4th shuttle: Sport
• 11:10am – 4th shuttle leaves Gibson Jack Parking Lot
• 11:10am – Experts start their first transfer
• 11:40am – Sport racers start their first transfer.
• Projected finish time for all racers – between 3PM-5PM (contingent on racer transfer times)
• Projected Award Time – 30 minutes after last racer completes course


Click here to download and view the series rules.


$650 equal pay out for Pro’s
Medals and merchandise for all other categories

Proudly presented by the US Forest Service


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