Wright Brothers / The Construction Company / Enduro at Jug Mountain

August 18, 2018

It’s going to be a great day in McCall. Jug Mountain Ranch is always a favorite and they’re pulling out all the stops. New trails, live music,10 Barrel and BBQ. It doesn’t get much better. On site camping available.

The Wright Brothers Enduro is stop #4 of the 4 race IES 2018 series. Bonus points also available at the NAEC.







Field Limited
Registration closes 8/15 at midnight

Adult – $80 ($100 day of)
Juniors – (13-17) $50 ($70 day of)

OPTION A: Full refund, less original processing fees paid upon registration + $5 refund fee
OPTION B: Free transfer of same racer to another open event*
OPTION A: 50% refund, less original processing fees paid upon registration + $5 refund fee
OPTION B: Transfer same racer to another open event for $20*
*Transfers for same racer to another open event in same season are on a space available basis and not available for sold out events with a wait list in effect. Transfers are offered once per registration and are final – once issued, no further refunds or transfers are available.


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Pro Male
Pro Female
Expert Junior (13-17)
Expert Male (18 to 34)
Expert Male (35 – 49)
Expert Female
Sport Junior (13-17)
Sport Male (18 to 29)
Sport Male (30 to 39)
Sport Male (40-49)
Sport Male (50+)
Sport Female
Beginner Junior Male (13-17)
Beginner Male
Junior Female (13-17)
Beginner Female

Pro – Extremely confident at jumping, drops, cornering and technical rock or trail features. Can ride every part of any given trail with out hesitation. Can ride everything in the Boise/McCall area at full speed. Able to complete a 30+ mile trail ride. Has lots of racing experience in different types of mountain biking.

Expert – Able to do most jumps, drops and is pretty good at cornering. Can ride most technical rock or trail features but not all. Can ride most parts of any given trail but sometimes has to take the alternate line. Able to complete a 20+ mile trail ride. Races several times a year.

Sport – Can do smaller jumps and drops and feels comfortable at cornering. Can ride most trails but sometimes hesitates on technical features or sometimes walks/rides around a feature. Able to complete a 20 mile trail ride. Has raced a few times.

Beginner – Mountain biking is still a relatively new sport. Not comfortable at jumping, drops and is still learning how to corner properly. Not comfortable with really technical terrain. Can ride most novice trails but stays away from the really technical trails. Anything over 10-15 miles is a big day on the bike. New to racing or raced once before.

Juniors – Rider ability and level varies. Class consists of beginner to sport level riders. You can have very fast kids or slow kids racing the junior class.

Female riders with questions should contact our Dirt Dolls representative, Tesh Denton at tesh.denton@hotmail.com.

Day Of Race

Here are a couple of updates for camping and parking.

Camping. The camping location used in past years is being used for new home construction. The new spot is proven to work well and is in a beautiful area that runs along Boulder Creek. There are some logistical challenges, so please read these details carefully.
a. You may arrive and set up camp on Friday beginning at 3pm. You will need to check in at the Clubhouse to pay and get your camping voucher. Then, you will drive back down the hill a few hundred yards and go right with assistance from a volunteer at a canopy tent. They will have to OK you to proceed as you will be taking a road through a golf course with golfers on it. This is the first hole and the final tee time is 6pm. Access in and out on this road will be limited to before 730am and after 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.
b. If arriving after 6pm, you may drive across the golf course road without assistance but will still need to check in and pay at the clubhouse. There will be a sign at the turn.
c. The camp is about 0.6 miles drive on this grass road. It is about 0.6 mi riding distance back to the clubhouse and start/finish area.
d. If you intend on going off site during the day we ask that you set up you camp and drive back out to the upper dirt parking trailhead lot and park there. If there is an emergency and you need to leave the camping area between 730am and 6pm please use the gate to the north that exits onto Potter Lane right beside the campsite. The gate will be dummy locked. Just open it, close it and dummy lock it as you exit. You will turn Left onto Potter Lane to go back to Farm to Market Road. This is a very mellow road with very few homes and dogs that sunbathe in the middle of it. PLEASE be respectful if leaving this way and drive SLOWLY.
e. The road across the golf course is a mowed 2 track with minimal bumps and is ok for the Honda Civic type cars, but go slowly.
f. The new campsite is beautiful. Quiet and secluded, nestled in a beautiful meadow by Boulder Creek.
g. Same as years past no campers over 20 feet and $10 per vehicle/camper per night. Call the Jug Mountain Clubhouse at 208-634-5072 or email heatherthiry@jugmountainranch.com to reserve a spot or if you have any camping questions.
Parking. If you are camping, please follow the instructions above. If you are arriving on race morning, or for packet pickup fill up the following spots in this order.
a. Drive past the clubhouse and onto the dirt road, going under the starting line banners. Drive 150 yards and park in the dirt lot on the right. Fill this first. Once full…
b. Drive back downhill towards starting line, parking on your right, perpendicular to the road (not parallel) so we can get more cars in there.
c. Do not park in the paved parking areas near the start. They are for golfers and restaurant patrons. 99.9% chance you will be parking on dirt.
d. There will be a parking attendant to help you on race morning, but please follow the rules above.


Click here to download and view the series rules.


$650 equal pay out for Pro’s
Medals and merchandise for all other categories


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